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Jar of Greed is an item in Iruna-Online. Description: DEF: 0-3 EXP gain greatly decreases. Rare drop rate slightly increases. Bosses - Iruna Online Wiki Iruna Online Wiki: page under construction... Ferzen 46: Aggressive: Blue Stone Peridot: Iron Armor: Earth Bead Blue Dragon Crystal: Lord of Nezim ... Broken Hachigane Tattered Cloth: Dark Manual 3 Gilgobble: Giant Rocker 91: Turtle Shell: Jar of Greed: Mythril Giant Rocker: Argyros: 100: Silver Scale: Cloak: Sashimi Argyros: Wind Dragon ... Contador de Visitas - irunaonline2.blogspot.com Estós para sonido estan Sacados de la wiki de Iruña. Aunque ya heno Mucho Equipo Que No esta aqui es debido a "retrasos" de Meses Que Tiene la wiki ... ESO O que el hijo UNOS VA

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View Yu-Gi-Oh! Jar of Greed card information and card art.Jar of Greed. Card Name (JP): 強欲な瓶. Card Type: Normal Trap. Приложения в Google Play – RPG IRUNA Online MMORPG Испытайте полноценную RPG с более чем 160 рассказами и обширными историями с Iruna Online. ◇◇ игровой контент ◇◇. ▶ Настройка бесконечных символов ◀ Выберите свой пол, прическу, цвет волос и черты лица!

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Iruna Online Information wiki. Class. Skill Table. Status. Equipment. Monster List. Maps. วิธีสังหารบอส เซาโร ParulIruna Online Hacks 'N' Stuff Iruna Online Parul Monster Drop List. Iruna Online Hacks 'N' Stuff. We are dedicated to bring you the most current hacks for Iruna Online. ELITE: Tips and Trik bermain Iruna Online