Which ram slots to use first

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Memory slots 1 and 3 are Yellow and 2 and 4 are red. In the manual it says it can handle dual channel in both sets. Just want to know incase i cant use 1 and 3 (broken DIMMI think it's some sort of fan speed control first introduced in P965 chipsets. a quick search showed P45 chipsets do have it as well.

3 sticks of ram, 4 slots - placement? - Mac - Computing.Net Two slots have white clips and two blue. Or any combination of two colors. In your case, the gold slots then one in the first black. Put the first two in the color coded slot on the left and the third in the second set of slots. Unless the ram is double sided and high density as your computer may except only one ram chip per every two slots. Solved: Windows 7 Ram installing and BIOS Problems | Tech ... Could we have the model number? I think you have a mismatch on the ram and also in the wrong slots. If you put the one 4 gig in the slot nearest the cpu and the second one in the first slot of the opposite colour, it would probably work fine. You should have a manual for your computer that tells you what kind and what slots to put them in.

Adding memory is one of the easier ways to boost your PC’s performance. There are a few things to check before spending your money, though, so let’s talk about them.

DIMM - Wikipedia Three SDRAM DIMM slots on a computer motherboard. A DIMM or dual in-line memory module comprises a series of dynamic random-access memory integrated circuits. These modules are mounted on a printed circuit board and designed for use ... The first notch is the DRAM key position, which represents RFU (reserved ... FAQ ID # 58315 - What memory slots should I use for a 1, 2, or 3 DIMM ...

It will tell you which slots to insert ram. ... if your motherboard is dual channel and you use a single stick or ... fill the same colored slots first #5. Revelene

Z97 FTW DIMM slots confusion - EVGA Forums "Use the following configurations for DIMM installation: "Single Channel - Slot 2 "Dual Channel - Slots 2, 4" Am I missing something? So which is it - 1 & 3 or 2 & 4? I need to get this right the first time since I am also installing a monstrous Noctua CPU cooler that overhangs the memory to where I would have to dismount the cooler to move ... Populating 4 RAM slots versus 2? - DSL Reports Populating 4 RAM slots versus 2? ... Does the PC use all the ram on the first stick until it runs out and then goes to the next stick in succession until reaching the end of available ram? Or does ... Three different boards, RAM is fine - slots A1 and A2 unusable I'm completely stumped on this one. I turned my PC off and cleaned it with some compressed air, turned it on and it wouldn't POST. After a long time of fiddling with stuff I found that if any RAM was present in the first two slots then nothing happens. B1 and B2 were fine when in use, have tested this with three different kits of RAM.

First user manual and check how slots are described. There you should also have a quick guide on how to plug RAM.As other have posted if you have 2 sticks of ram the general rule is to put them in alternating slots.

Which RAM slot to use for an additional stick I've read that the two sticks should be in the first slot of each pair (e.g., slots numbered 1 and 2 or 3 and 4), as opposed to beside each other (e.g., slots numbered 3 and 1 or 4 and 2). Dell told me to put them beside each other, both in just one pair of slots (e.g., #2 and #4). ... How to find how many memory slots are in a computer For example, you may have four memory slots and 1 GB of RAM, and that 1 GB is coming from two 512 (2x512=1,204) memory sticks, which means two of the four memory slots are being used. Use Crucial online tool. Examine the motherboard.

RAM Performance Benchmark: Single-Channel vs. Dual-Channel ...

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